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This website is dedicated to shedding light on the unjust imprisonment of one of Nigeria's most beloved Hausa movie producers and political activists: Iyan Tama.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Breaking News: Iyan-Tama released after appeal process

As recently reported by many Nigerian news sources Iyan-Tama's appeal of his corrupt and unjust imprisonment has finally been accepted.

As reported by Leadership Nigeria:

The appeal filed by the accused suffered many set- backs before it was finally mentioned on the 6th of this month. At the mention of the appeal before a state High Court, the accused counsel prayed the court to quash the case or order for retrial with compensation to the convict.

The state counsel, appearing for the defendants urged the court to order a retrial before a more competent magistrate.

He disqualified the appellant's request for quashing the earlier trial. However, the court, in the verdict yesterday, issued a retrial order without compensation for the filmmaker who has spent over 60 days in prison.

Despite this great victory the battle against undue censorship is not over and Iyan-Tama continues to require our help and support as he faces the upcoming retrial.


Naseer Abdallah Lagos said...

Alhamdulillah!!! Allah wadan zalunci da azzalumai, komai nisan dare ai gari zai waye, Rabo da Shekarau suna fakewa da addini suna yaudarar jama'a, komai daren dadewa Allah na nan....

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Our Mandate

This website is dedicated to shedding light on the unjust imprisonment of one of Nigeria's most beloved Hausa movie producers: Iyan Tama.

He was imprisoned for allegedly disregarding censorship laws imposed by the Kano Censorship Board on the Hausa movie industry.

His ground breaking movie, Tsintsiya, has in fact been approved at the federal level and is hailed by critics as an important landmark in the development of social peace in Nigeria.

Funded partially by the U.S. Embassy in Nigeria as part of an anti-violence and cultural tolerance campaign, Tsintsiya is a modern day Nigerian adaptation of the movie West Side Story.

Contact your local politicians, Nigerian embassies and media outlets to express your support for Iyan Tama and cultural peace and acceptance in Nigeria.